Crossroads students often reflect on their Bible studies and their circumstances through poetry. They share raw, honest emotions as they write about frustrations, heartbreaks, gratitude, regrets, hopes and dreams.

Check out some of the poetry below!

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By: Joseph R., GA

Finally Free

By: Matthew R., TX

For Foster Children

By: Suzanne H., FL

Field Work

By: Benny L., CA

Who Did That?

By: William J., WV

My Past

By: Clyde W., IL

Not Guilty

By: Anastasia V., KY

Crash and Burn

By: Shane B., TN


By: Larry S., PA

Out of Darkness

By: Terry H., AL

Love Letters to my Soul

By: Sarah G., TX

The Jesus Prayer

By: Ronald M., SC

O Christ, My Love

By Dustin R., WY

My Faith, Like a River

By: James M., MI

The Starry Sky

By: Dominick R., TX


By: Sherri T., MO